Dog Portraits


Capture lifetime memories in beautiful fine art portraits

Tickle IG
Monty&Milo - AP
DSC_0015 copy
AMK_0042 copy
AMK_0103 copy 2
Marco - Richard Phillips (Podenco 3yo) fb
DSC_0383 copy
DSC_0710 copy 2
Para & Pansy
DSC_0669 copy
AMK_0169 copy
Mork - Rose George fb 6months
AMK_0021 copy
AMK_0114 copy
AMK_0028 copy (2)
Buddy Nala & Nellie
AMK_0064 copy (2)
AMK_0076 copy
AMK_0064 copy
DSC_5193 copy
AMK_0031 copy
DSC_3751 copy
AMK_0055 copy
AMK_0061 copy


Because they're  more than just pets....

they're family 


Dog photography is a wonderful experience and we aim to offer a fun and relaxed session with lots of cuddles and treats thrown in!

Our Studio is dog friendly, once you arrive we lock the door (so no-one can walk in!) and your dog(s) can come off lead and explore the studio so they can feel relaxed in this new environment, (if they wee/poo don't worry!)  Every dog is unique, we allow plenty of time for the session and Michelle is very patient.

Some dogs are not "off-leash" trained, we always try off lead first, enticing them with treats, squeaky toys and Michelle's "silly" noises to get their attention.  However, sometimes dogs are too excited and won't sit still, this is where we then have your dog on a lead but in a way that the lead is then expertly removed during post editing.

Between the photoshoot and your viewing/ordering appointment, Michelle will select the best and will expertly edit the images with a fine art finish so your dog(s) look their absolute best!

We specialise in Framed Pictures and Wall Art products for your wall and have a range to suit all homes and budgets.   As a guide, desk framed pictures start from £93.00 and Wall Framed Pictures and Wall Art start from £400.00.  Our client's invest, on average, £490.00 on Framed Wall Pictures and Wall Art.  We will provide more details of our range of photographic products and prices when booking your viewing and ordering appiontment.

You can call the Studio, email or book online, once booked you will receive an email confirming the booking and about a week before the shoot you will receive an email with details about the shoot


  • 45 to 60 minute Photo Shoot followed by a viewing and ordering session where you can choose the best of the best images and select from our full range of photographic products: - Session only - £120.00


To book click this link.

The viewing and ordering appointment normally takes place 7 to 14 days later at the Studio and will be booked at the end of the photoshoot.